Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thursday Thought (#10)

3 down....1 more to go for Math PARCC that is.

Be so proud of your third grader. They have been superstars throughout this first round of PARCC. I am so impressed with the stamina they are exhibiting as well as the strategies they have demonstrating such as taking time to review your work more than once!

The frustrating thing for some may be seeing some things that may seem unfamiliar or confusing. That is a challenge when being tested on a yearlong curriculum when the year isn't over.

I often remind kids who may be feeling frustrated to not worry...they just haven't learned it yet....

Please let me know if  your child seems to be acting differently during the testing rounds and I can happily give an extra pep talk or keep a "third" eye on their behaviors at school.

Remember the 4th Math session takes place Monday morning May 2. Please have your child arrive to school timely (as you all have been doing). Until then, enjoy this video clip.