Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Don't Forget!

Just a reminder we have our field trip to visit the Grout Heard House and the Old North Cemetery tomorrow. We will return to school before lunch, but your child will need to bring a disposable pocket-sized snack.

Part of our morning will be outside so be sure to dress your child appropriate to the weather as we will go rain or shine.

This field study will teach us about some of the events that were happening in our school town leading up to the Revolutionary Time Period.

Please be sure to check our Events page for a calendar of events happening in May.

Monday, April 6, 2015


We have been learning about different polygons and the properties of each one. Tonight for homework we will practice reviewing the names of some different polygons and identifying them in both regular and irregular polygons. 

This week we will narrow our focus to explore the world of quadrilaterals much more deep. For now, have fun exploring the world of 2 dimensional figures through this short video and a catchy song.