Monday, March 23, 2015

Parallel and Intersecting Lines, Line Segments and Rays

Learning about geometry can be lots of fun. We think about different polygons like quadrilaterals and triangles, pentagons, hexagons and on and on....  It can also be challenging because of so many different vocabulary terms to remember. These terms can help us describe the properties of each shape.   Watch the following short video clips as a review of what we have discusses in class.  See if you can identify the term and it's meaning. Which terms are familiar to you and which ones you are still working on learning?

Sunday, March 15, 2015

It's Time to PARCC!

Typically during the weeks leading up to mid-March the classroom is filled with various packets of readings from previous MCAS ELA tests. After many years of teaching students test taking strategies, I had actually come to love some of the passages we would revisit year after year. This year however, we are venturing into new testing territory with the PARCC. While many things have remained the same, it's still different! Yes the students have been working hard to develop their thinking skills throughout the year and have practiced selecting text evidence to support their answers to questions. Yes, the students have had some time to explore the testing interface although now it is on the computer.  Yes the students' feelings towards taking this their first "high stakes" test are no different than any other third graders feelings in previous classrooms, but now this is new to the teachers too!

So... as I gather my final thoughts together before we enter the next two weeks of 3rd grade PARCC,  I still go back to what I believe are the most important things your child can do to prepare for taking a test such as PARCC. Get adequate sleep, eat healthy--especially breakfast, and stay active.  Remind your child to believe in themselves and remember all that matters is best effort! 

While this is just one little snapshot of 3rd grade, it's a great time to remember to dig deep and apply the positive self talk we have been practicing since September and remember the power of the little word YET!

The Power of Yet

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences

Conferences are well underway. Some of you may have been surprised when I asked that your child attend for some or all of the conference.

Typically I have found the following when a student sits in on the conference....

    •  they understand more about their own learning and can achieve more. 
    •  they are required to think about their own learning and articulate their understandings
    • they consider their own strengths and areas in which they need to improve.  
    • when students make choices about their own learning, achievement increases. 
If you have a question about whether or not this format is appropriate for you child, please send me an email so that we may discuss further.