Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Welcome Back!

With the countdown to a new school year officially on, I wanted to welcome you all to third grade. The summer as usual seems to have flown by and as predicted most of my days were spent chasing my now 15 month old son around the home and off the tables. It was so much fun having extra time to spend with him at the beach or the playground or running around the backyard. He was ready, however for more playmates besides Mommy and Daddy (even though we are lots of fun)! He's now back to daycare and loving the time with his little friends.

For those of you who may have tucked that supply list away last June and are searching for it now, here's what your child will need for the school year. If you can't get all of this by Tuesday, please don't sweat it, but it can all be sent in by the end of the first week or the start of the second week that would be great.

Enjoy the remaining days and and a relaxing labor day weekend!

I'm looking forward to meeting you all.

Room 5 Back to School Supply List

• earbuds or headphones in a labled plastic ziploc baggie (3.5 mm—fits in laptops and ipods)
• 2 solid glue sticks
         • 1 dozen wooden pencils with erasers-sharpened
         • 1 pkg.Crayola regular size markers-classic colors
         • 1 pkg. Crayola thin markers-classic colors
         • 1 pkg. Crayola “twistable” colored pencils
         • 1 heavy duty pocket folders (design of your choice)
            (the glossy type are more durable)
         • 1 one-inch 3 ring binder(empty)
         • 1 pencil box for your desk-
         (no higher that 3 3/4” high fits best in your desk)
         • a backpack or bookbag (daily)

The glue sticks, markers and “twistables” are for our class community supply. Please keep them in their boxes. If you wish to bring in additional markers for your pencil box you may.

***Please rememember to label your supplies before you bring them in.

Throughout the year we will be in need of tissues Lysol antibacterial/disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer and ziploc baggies. Any donations will be gratefully accepted.

Thank you for your support and help.